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Can your Blog bring Profits into your Ministry?

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That’s a great question.  The answer is, it depends on how you define what “brings” your ministry profit.  A blog rarely brings in revenue by itself.  Even the largest blog writers say revenue directly from their blog doesn’t represent the bulk of their income. 

So, why do so many bloggers equate blog success with their financial success?  A blog makes them popular, and brings fame, more correctly called “expert recognition” or “authority status” for a Christian.

If it’s purely a sales tool, it probably won’t have many readers.  If it’s a “sharing”, “teaching”, and “informing” tool, then it will attract more attention.  A blog should give value to the readers so they will keep coming back, and hopefully even subscribe.

A blog can be a great marketing tool for a ministry or church.  A great blog will be shared by readers to friends they believe will find it interesting or helpful.  A ministry or church that is helpful will usually have more visitors, clients, and referrals.  That’s where the financial benefit lies, in being valuable to others.

This Linked4Ministry blog is a little different, it’s not tied to any revenue seeking venture, except in the eternal kingdom benefits realm.  My motivation for Linked4Ministry began with the Holy Spirit’s leading to help other ministries reach more people for the kingdom.  It has evolved into research for my Master’s thesis and I suspect that was also part of His plan!  No matter what the goals for a blog are, it’s important to not only keep current readers, but to increase the number of readers.

Keeping current readers is easiest done with subscriptions.  WordPress offers e-mail subscriptions and RSS (really simple syndication) subscriptions.  E-mail subscriptions send your readers an e-mail copy of your new blog additions shortly after they are posted.  RSS feeds usually go to a RSS Feeds folder in your e-mail program (like Outlook), and are not as obvious to unfamiliar users.

Since we all know only so many people, we must rely on our current connections to share our blog with others.  WordPress just introduced several ways to make that much easier.  You can now add buttons at the bottom of a WordPress blog so readers can easily share your blog with their Twitter, Facebook, Press This, Digg, StumbleUpon, and Reddit connections, or just e-mail it to a friend or print it to share personally.  If you use WordPress, you can add the buttons to your blog on your dashboard by going to Settings > Sharing.  You can choose which of those services you want to display in a range of different formats. 

If you are new to this blog, please consider subscribing to e-mail updates at the top right.

As always, thank you for reading and I pray that this information blesses you and your ministry.  Please consider sharing this ministry with others you think it might benefit.  I’ve made it very easy to do with all the “share” buttons at the bottom!

Bill Bender

Anothen Life Ministries


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