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Hello world!

Welcome to Linked4Ministry.

This is the first post.  The purpose of this blog is to help Christian Ministries expand their reach into God’s Kingdom using social media, especially LinkedIn. 

Many ministries don’t currently use LinkedIn, and only a small percentage of those are taking advantage of the LinkedIn benefits to grow their business and ministry.  Less than 25% percentage of all LinkedIn users go past filling out a simple profile.  Most are invited to join by a friend, but didn’t go past the initial simple profile because they didn’t know what else could be done.  This blog will give you lots of tips in developing your LinkedIn profile and network to help spread the Gospel message!

LinkedIn is part of the social media world that includes Facebook, twitter, etc., but it is different in that it was designed from the ground up as a professional network tool.  Although many businesses and some ministries are using Facebook and twitter to build their business, LinkedIn offers many unique advantages that the others do not.  For me, the main reason I like LinkedIn is there are no games to play, and my home page is not filled with my connections scores and gamming accomplishments.  Similar to Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn helps you build your network, but it also helps you grow it beyond those you personally know, and helps maintain your network to get the maximum exposure.  The LinkedIn groups give you access to leaders in almost any field of interest, and you can ask questions to get their expert advice.  Answering questions and joining discussions with well thought out comments can help build your credibility and trust to large groups of people outside your immediate network.

LinkedIn Groups for churches and ministries allow you to contact everyone automatically, and each person is responsible for maintaining their own e-mail address.  The news and discussions are sent in daily or weekly digests based on each person’s preference, and go to their e-mail so they can see all the new posts.  They can log into the group at any time to also see the post.  The discussions are open to all members, but can be edited/deleted by the group manager if needed.  Ministries using Facebook might find a larger already signed up audience to build with, but the postings only get seen by those logging into Facebook, and large amounts of postings will cause older posts to roll off the first screen.

Twitter can be very powerful to get short messages out to a large number of people, but the messages are limited to 140 characters, or you must go to another website to get larger messages.

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Stay tuned for additional posts with tips for growing your kingdom exposure, and please share this blog with others that you believe could benefit!

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