Website Addresses (URLs)

Well, it seems several of my notices announcing my new blog Linked4Ministry contained an error in the blog address.  Sometimes my fingers move too fast, and many times my eyes aren’t sharp enough to catch the extra letters.  Maybe this is a good time to talk about Internet Addresses, called URLs and pronounced “Earls”.  There’s too many varieties to describe them all, and even the suffixes that used to be limited to just .com, now include all kinds of variations and combinations, but what happens when they don’t work?

Because of all the variations, if a URL doesn’t work, looking at the complete address might not tell you why.  My error was easy; I added an extra character after the .com.  When I get an address that doesn’t work, I try to get to the ‘root’ address to see what that gives me.  For instance, one of my social media pages is on a page in my ministry website: .  If that didn’t work, you could delete everything after the .org and see if you can find what you looking for from the navigation or search tools on the home page.

What about when you find something in a Google search and the message comes back “Page not found”?  That usually means someone has removed the page from the internet.  You can usually click the ‘back’ button on your internet explorer and under the Google listing click on “Cached”.  Google actually archives (Caches) older and deleted pages so you can still view them.

Clicking on Similar gives you other search results that have similar key words.  Sometimes helpful, sometimes not so much.  While we’re on the subject, try clicking on “+Web Show Options” button at the top of the search results and you can narrow your search to Images, Videos, News, Blogs, and can narrow the time to Latest, Past 24 hours, Past week, etc.

You can also click on “Advanced Search at the end of the Google search box to search for combinations of All words, Exact wording, One or more words, and even Not words.

I hope these search suggestions help you find the information you are looking for.  Be sure to click on e-mail subscriptions so you know when I’ve added new information, and do please share this blog with others that you believe might benefit.

Here’s the screen shots of the above tips:


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