Why should Churches, Ministries, Seminaries, or other Organizations use a LinkedIn Group?

LinkedIn Groups are one of the unique and powerful benefits of LinkedIn, but not understood and not used to the full extent of the power they provide.  Here are some reasons why Churches, Ministries, Seminaries, Ministerial Fellowships, and other Organizations should consider starting and promoting LinkedIn Groups:

A LinkedIn Group allows members to network with one another online.  When members meet at an event and join the Group, they can message each other, even without knowing their e-mail addresses.  Members can ask questions, start and contribute to discussions.  You don’t get that with Facebook, Twitter, or even a Website.

The Group owner/manager can send messages to all Group members, giving them basically a free email distribution system (similar to Constant Contact or iContact, only free).  Each member is responsible for updating their own profile and e-mail address if it ever changes, eliminating the need for the organization to maintain frequently changing lists and databases of members.  That adds an enormous amount of power to the organization.  Facebook, Twitter, or Websites don’t provide that flexibility.

The group/organization gets some viral marketing (publicity & brand awareness) when people join the Group, ask questions, start or join group discussions, etc.  That benefit isn’t found on other popular social media sites.

LinkedIn is free for most members, and most people will sign up when they are told it’s a professional networking site, and the benefits they receive, both personally and professionally.

It takes only minutes to set up a LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site, so there are no games to detract, and the number of spammers or scams is almost non-existent.

A LinkedIn profile is a marketing tool for members that have their own ministries, and helps them expand their reach into the kingdom.

LinkedIn is universally accepted as the premier tool for job seekers so members looking for employment or career changes receive an additional benefit.

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Be Blessed!


2 responses to this post.

  1. This is very helpful Bill. Thanks for sketching out these benefits for ministries. I have to admit that I haven’t thought of using Linked-in for ministry at all (as crazy as that may seem). I’ll try some of what you suggest and let you know how it works out!


    • David, glad you found it helpful. I only began using LinkedIn to teach in our career ministry but immediately saw the beneifts for growing business and ministry is no different. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. I also have a Linked4Ministry LinkedIn group with some overlap and some other stuff. If you are on LinkedIn, since we’ve got a common vision, I’d like to connect, send me an invitation if you are interested. My e-mail address is bill.bender.linkedin@gmail.com and my profile is http://www.LinkedIn.com/in/billbender


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