Get more (and better) LinkedIn Connections

It’s important to expand your network if you want to “expand your reach into the kingdom”, so here’s a few guidelines to help you do it the right way:

  1.  The first suggestion, and the most important, is do not use the LinkedIn canned invitation!  It’s very impersonal, it doesn’t tell people Why you want to connect, and it doesn’t Remind them how they know you.  Even if you know them well, it’s nice to be more personal.
  2. If you just met the person at a networking event, seminar, or social event, remind them of the Event and What you talked about to jog their memory
  3. If you don’t know the person, you can ask for an Introduction from a mutual connection.  Be sure to include the “Why” you want to be connected.  It encourages your connection to quickly forward the invitation, and encourages the recipient to accept.
  4. If you have a “target” connection that you don’t know, and don’t have a common connection, look at their profile and join a common interest group.  You can invite fellow group members, but there is still not a guarantee they will accept your invitation unless you do your homework first.  It’s always best to have a conversation with them first, either by joining a discussion they started or participated in, or by sending them a message first.  Group members can send messages to each other without being directly connected – Go to Groups, Members, select the member, hover your mouse on the right side under the recommendations & connections icon and click on send message.  After you develop your relationship, a connection will be accepted much more easily.
  5. Make sure you have a photo on your LinkedIn profile.  It helps people you invite recognize you, and makes you appear more “real” and “personable” to connections in this internet cyber-age.
  6. Be sure to search fellow co-workers at past employers, fellow students at past schools and seminars, and all your friends and relatives.  The more connections you have, the farther “you will be able to extend your reach into the kingdom”.
  7. If you change your mind and want to withdraw an invitation, go to Inbox “Sent”, click on Invitations in the navigation bar on the left side.  Click on the subject line of the invitation you want to withdraw, and click on withdraw & confirm.

The reason thoughtful and carefully worded invitations are important is so the person you invited accepts, and/or doesn’t respond with an “I don’t know this person”!  LinkedIn doesn’t warn anyone, but the way they control spam is to restrict future invitations if you get 5-7 “I don’t knows”.  It doesn’t mean you cannot use LinkedIn, it just means you will have to have an e-mail address to send future invitations, and that will restrict your ability to “extend your reach”!

Using these guidelines, the people you invite will feel like they are special, they will be better engaged with you, and we will all be more willing to help each other in the kingdom.

If you are in ministry and trying to “extend your reach” send me an invitation, just remember to tell me I invited You in this article!  🙂

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I appreciate you interest and support in reading Linked4Ministry.  If you find this useful, please pass it along to fellow ministries that might also benefit.


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