Could a Web Meeting help you “extend your reach into the kingdom”?

If you have attended a web meeting, you’ve probably already recognized the value.  No travel expenses, no lost travel time, no meeting room arrangements, no room setup, etc.  Could it help you “extend your reach into the kingdom”?  Without knowing the specifics of your ministry, I’m pretty sure the answer is yes.  The drawbacks might include the cost of the service provider and the challenge of learning how to do it effectively, efficiently, and professionally.

Face-to-face meetings used to be the only way to get things done. Now the best way to save money, time and travel is to collaborate over the Web with Dimdim. Push button simplicity lets everyone host or attend live meetings, demos and webinars using just a web browser instantly increasing your productivity. Give presentations, share web pages, whiteboards, voice, video, even record your events – with no software to purchase or install, and with no hassles.

Dimdim is free for small meetings of 20 users or less, and is only $25 per month for unlimited use with many more participants.

Get started by visiting , or read the product descriptions at


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