What is LinkedIn, and Why Should I Be Interested?

With over 65 million profiles it seems like everyone must know about LinkedIn, but that’s not necessarily true.

  • Only half of those 65 million are in the United States, so there’s lots of people that aren’t involved, yet!
  • Many people have been invited by a friend, and simply filled out a basic profile so they don’t hurt their friends feelings.  If you really want to help your friends, build your LinkedIn network so you can be an even bigger help to them.
  • Many people don’t know how to utilize the LinkedIn benefits so they just stop with their basic profile and a few connections that invited them.  It’s time to start finding out what the benefits are, and begin using them.  That’s exactly what Linked4Ministry was designed  to do, Keep reading!
  • Many people believe LinkedIn is only for Job Seekers, and because they are currently employed, they don’t want it to seem like they might be looking for another job.  The sad reality is, if those people find themselves unemployed they will struggle to catch up with those who have already developed their LinkedIn network and profile.
  • Some people just don’t want to get involved with any Social Media as it might make them appear less than professional.  Actually, this is probably not provable until you sign up for LinkedIn, build your network, and realize how professional the tool and the other 65,999,999 users really are, and how much they can help you and benefit your goals.

Here’s just a few of the benefits of LinkedIn:

  1. You can manage the information that’s publically available about you as a professional.
  2. You can find new clients, customers, partners, investors, mentors, advisors, subject experts,  and prospective members, and help those searching for new resources find you.
  3. You can learn about your competition, and even join forces with those that might help you.
  4. You can get market, company, and industry intelligence to help you develop your business plans, as well as get help from experts that can guide you into new markets and opportunities.
  5. You can connect with peers and strengthen your relationships and brands.
  6. You can promote your business, ministry or your brand to new markets.
  7. In this non-personal world, LinkedIn helps you build and maintain your network.
  8. You can expand your personal or professional reach into new markets and opportunities.
  9. You can establish your credibility and expertise in existing or new markets
  10. You can establish your credibility and expertise with prospective partners, clients, and employers.
  11. You can quickly learn about new customers, partners, and businesses.
  12. You can create and collaborate on projects, gather data, share files, and solve problems.
  13. You can give and receive references from colleagues and friends, as well as check references from potential customers, suppliers, partners, and ministries.
  14. You can join groups that give you access to experts in almost any field to discuss new ideas or ask questions, and get new insights from like-minded professionals in a private setting.
  15. You can start groups that can be community bulletin boards or specific interest networking groups.
  16. You can search people, companies, and groups that can provide new resources for personal, ministry, or professional growth opportunities.

In short, LinkedIn provides immense value to any professional in business, ministry, those looking for new partnerships, and those looking for new employment opportunities.  With all these benefits, LinkedIn is free for most users, and derives most of their income from a few unobtrusive ads and professional memberships for recruiters that need expanded search resources.

As always, thank you for reading Linked4Ministry.  I trust it is truly helping you expand your reach into the kingdom, and appreciate your referrals to others that it might benefit.

Be Blessed,
Bill Bender – Anothen Life Ministries


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