Promoting Books, CDs, & DVDs through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great tool for promoting any product, but it can be especially powerful in helping market books, videos, & teaching CDs & DVDs, etc.

As with any book, you’ll want to find a few people to review the rough draft and give you feedback.  If you already know those people, you are ahead of the curve.  If you don’t, you can research the “kind of people” you’d like to review your book by using LinkedIn.  You’ll also want to identify some media outlets that you’d like to provide information about your new book to.  Those too can be located by using LinkedIn.  These will be called your “target contacts”.  Here are a few ideas to help you locate those target reviewers and/or media outlets:

  • Using LinkedIn’s “Advance Search” (click on ‘Advanced’ just to the right of the magnifying glass and search box) Search for editors of magazines, websites, and media sites that have ties to your target market.  In the keywords box, try search phrases like (Editor + “Media Name”) where “Media  Name” is one of your identified target media outlets.  The parenthesis commands your search results to give you anyone with an editor title at that media outlet.  The “+” mark says to search for both the editor and the media.  Use the quotations marks if the media has several names, i.e. Ministry Today.  Additional search helps can be found in a previous blog “Have you tried Google Alerts”: .  You can also narrow down your search results in LinkedIn by adding location, language, etc., on the Advanced Search page.
  • Review the profiles of the editors that were found in your search results.  Decide if they are someone you will want to work with, or contact them for additional information.  If they don’t list contact information, you can search for them in Google or on the target Media’s website.  If you are unable to locate contact information, you can check out what LinkedIn groups they are a member of, find one that would benefit you, and join.  Once you join a common group, you can send a message through LinkedIn by clicking on “send a message” on their profile page.  If you feel you need to establish credibility or trust with them first, you can find discussions they have either initiated or contributed to.  If you have some expertise on the topic, add to the discussion.  Worst case, you can then contact them directly with a question or comment about their posting to develop a connection.  Best case, your posting will be so attention getting they will contact you.  Don’t push this kind of tactic; let it develop based on your expertise and commonality with the contact.
  • On the right side of your target contact’s profile, you will find a “Viewers of this profile also viewed…” box.  That list might give you additional contacts that you will be interested in, or even perhaps you already know but forgot about.  This tool can be a great place to look for suggestions of others you might want to reach out to.
  • Make sure you set up a tracking list with each target contacts name, media connection, and contact information, where they live, how you have reached out to them (joining a group, contributing to a discussion, etc.), the date of each action, and a list of all their social media connections (LinkedIn, facebook, twitter, etc.) so you don’t lose or forget about any potential contact opportunities.

Once you have a good list of reviewers and media outlets to promote your book through, you can begin working on your press releases and promotion strategy.

 As always, thank your for your continued support.  This is my ministry to other Christian ministries to help you discover the benefits of LinkedIn and Social Media, and get you up to speed quickly with the end goal of helping you extend your reach into the kingdom.  If you find this information helpful, please consider passing it along to others it might benefit.  If you are already in LinkedIn, you are invited to join a companion Linked4Ministry group or an inner healing and deliverance group at the following URLs:

Linked4Ministry LinkedIn Group – 

Inner Healing and Deliverance LinkedIn Group – .

Be Blessed,
Bill Bender
Anothen Life Ministries


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