Overwhelmed with LinkedIn Group Discussions? Don’t let numerous e-mail updates discourage you from participating in these valuable groups!

    Keeping Track of LinkedIn Group discussions:

One of the huge values of LinkedIn is participating in the group discussions.  When you initiate or participate, you automatically “follow” future comments.  You will get an individual e-mail each time a new comment is made.  This is great if you initiated the discussion, and it’s a topic of interest, but sometimes you comment and the discussion goes viral (spreads like wildfire), and everyone seems to be participating.  This can amount to hundreds of e-mails that can become hard to manage.  If you don’t follow the discussion (especially if you started it), it’s sometimes tough to remember which group it was in or the title of the discussion.

  •  You could keep an Excel spreadsheet of all your discussions of interest, but that takes time to set up and maintain.  The following process will help you easily keep track of discussions of interest using your e-mail mailbox:
  •  Start an e-mail “folder  for each LinkedIn Group you belong to.  When you start a discussion, or a discussion of interest shows up and you participate, keep one of the e-mails in that folder so you can get back to the link with ease.
  •  If you decide to stop following, go to the discussion and click on “stop following”.  As long as you don’t participate, you don’t receive future comments shared, but you can periodically check them by going through the discussion e-mails in your group e-mail folders.
  •  When you want to rejoin the discussion, link through the retained e-mail, read the contributions of all other participants and if you want to rejoin the discussion, just add your comments or click follow discussion.
  •  When a discussion has worn out its value, stop following it and delete that discussion reminder e-mail from your group folders.

 This is especially helpful if you initiate the same or similar discussions (or someone else does) in different groups and it’s hard to remember where they all are.

 This gives you an excellent view to diverse opinions that helps you see the world from many perspectives without being overwhelmed by e-mails.


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