Does Your Ministry Need a “Cloud” Computer?

Does your ministry need a “Cloud” Computer?  Yea, I know some of us believe computers should be in the clouds but seriously, we’re stuck with them, so why not take advantage of them by learning all the things they can help with?

A “Cloud” Computer is simply a computer (actually a file or application) that doesn’t exist on a single computer so it can be shared by you and others if you desire from anywhere.  Here are a few questions that will help you determine if a cloud computer might help you:

  • Ever leave an important file or document on your computer when you are away from home and need it quickly?
  • Ever try to coordinate a calendar with several other people and wish everyone could see it?  This one is great for scheduling counseling or conference rooms.
  • Ever need a contact list that everyone in the ministry could utilize and keep updated?
  • How about sharing a large amount of photographs, documents, or spreadsheets with others in your ministry?

There are lots of other uses for “cloud” computers but that gives you some popular uses that you will probably find common in your ministry too.

Now, the important part.  Computers can cost big bucks right?  What I’m going to suggest is totally free.

The first is called AirSet.  It allows you to store files, contacts, calendars, lists and more.  If you choose to set up a “cloud” computer for a group, you can share any or all of those things with others in your ministry or even friends and relatives.  You’ll find it at .  It’s easy to figure out but there is a help button at the bottom, go to the user manual.  We use it to schedule our counseling rooms with the ministry staff so everyone knows who is using the room at what times & dates.  We’ve also stored some of the ministry intake forms on it so everyone can get to the latest version.

The second one is called SkyDrive.  It’s sponsored by Microsoft and it totally free.  All you need is a free Microsoft (live) e-mail address.  You will find it at  It allows each “live” e-mail address holder to have 25GB (that’s gigabytes as in a huge amount) of free storage space for files, documents and photos.  You can share photos and files with others by sending them an e-mail link.  It’s a great place to store a copy of your important files so you will never lose them!  I’ve used mine mostly for photos and then I can send a link so family members and friends can see and even download my photographs, or share them with others.  If you sign up for Microsoft live, also check out their free Windows photo gallery, it’s actually quite good for simple cropping, color adjustments, and eliminating red eye.

I hope you’ll find a use for your computer, yourself, and your ministry in the ‘clouds’ soon!

As always, thanks for reading this blog, please consider sharing it with others who might find it useful.

Be blessed, Bill


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