How to Use a Video to Extend Your Reach into the Kingdom!

This is a visual world.  Not just the “below 20’s”, or even the “20 something’s”, many people would rather watch a video than read an article or webpage.  One of the most powerful ways to share and promote your ministry is with a video.  It’s an entertaining way to share information about you, your ministry, your products, your services, and your ideas, in a format that’s quicker and more fun than reading!

If you don’t have a video yet, back in May I gave you some tips for creating a video, if you missed it, you can see it at .

If you already have a video, you need to find ways to get it out there.  Of course there’s YouTube, but that might not be the only audience you want.  You can increase your chances of more people seeing it by posting it to additional sites, here’s a few more places to consider:

SlideShare is a great place to upload your videos, as well as Microsoft PowerPoint type presentations and documents, to allow others to view them.  SlideShare is also one of the LinkedIn applications so you can post your videos and presentations on your LinkedIn profile.  When you add a SlideShare presentation or video to your profile, all your direct connections see that you’ve added it in their Network Activity update lists, and everyone that views your profile can view it.  I am a strong proponent of customizing your LinkedIn Public Profile address so you can add it to all your correspondence encouraging everyone you communicate with to view your profile, and have an opportunity to see your video as well.  For an example, check out the Restoring the Foundations “Restoring Your Life” video I added to my LinkedIn profile at (scroll down past my Summary, just past my Amazon Reading List).  The video is also available on my SlideShare account.

TubeMogel is one of those great sites that allows you to make one post and have it automatically shared with other social media sites.  TubeMobel also offers analytics so you can see how many times your video has been viewed, how long it was watched, when people stopped watching, streaming quality, viewship by geography, new versus returning viewers, time of day your video was viewed, and a whole lot more.  This site offers a free version so you can take a test drive.

There are hundreds of individual sites where you can post your video, among them are Google, Yahoo Video, Vlmeo, Viddler, Break, MetaCafe, iTunes, Dailymotion, and Hulu.  Don’t forget to post them on your own website!

If you are new to this site, the best way to keep up with new posts is to subscribe in the e-mail subscription box at the upper right.  As always, I thank you for reading this blog and ask you to share it with others that you think it might help.  I’ve made it easy to share by just using the “share this” buttons below.

Be blessed,
Bill Bender


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