How to Combine two or more LinkedIn Profiles

Unfortunately LinkedIn doesn’t have a “combine” button, but the following will tell you why you want only one profile and how to combine multiple accounts into one.

Some reasons you want to have only one LinkedIn profile:

  • If you are active in LinkedIn, one profile is all you have time to do a good job maintaining.
  • You want all of your connections in one profile so you don’t lose or forget anyone.
  • You want all of your recommendations in one profile.
  • You want all of your groups connected to one profile.

Why you might have ended up with more than one profile:

  • Most people accidentally create two profiles because they have multiple e-mail addresses and we’re invited to connect on their multiple e-mail addresses.
  • A few people create a LinkedIn profile, forget they have it, and create another one with a different e-mail address.
  • They have multiple “identities” that they want to keep separate, perhaps a corporate job and a ministry.  One profile is still desirable; see the reasons above to only have one profile.

What to do if you have multiple e-mail addresses:

  • Click on Settings in the upper right side of a LinkedIn page.
  • Under Personal Information, click on “Email Addresses”.
  • Enter the multiple e-mail addresses you want included in LinkedIn.  Recommendation, include all addresses that others are likely to invite you to join their network on.
  • Select the Primary e-mail address that you will use for LinkedIn.  Your primary e-mail address is where all LinkedIn correspondence (messages, invitations, group updates, etc.) will be sent and where any password reset requests will be sent.

How to find out if you have multiple LinkedIn Profiles:

  • Use the LinkedIn People Advanced Search to see how many profiles you have.  The search bar is at the upper right side of the LinkedIn screen.
    • Make sure “People” is selected in the drop down box.
    • Click on the blue word “Advanced” to the right of the box and magnifying glass icon.
    • Enter your First and Last Name in the appropriate boxes.
    • If you end up with more than 10 people with your name you can narrow down the search by:
      • Enter a Location if you haven’t moved a lot.  Click on the drop down box and select Located in or near and enter your zip code.
      • Enter a Company if you haven’t changed jobs frequently, and would have always included a specific company.
      • Enter a School that you would likely have always included.

If you forgot your LinkedIn Password:

  • Click on “Forgot Password” and LinkedIn will send instructions to the e-mail account that you created that profile with.
  • Contact or go to the Customer Service link at the bottom of a LinkedIn page, and fill out the appropriate email form.

How to “Combine” multiple LinkedIn Profiles:

  • Determine which profile you want to keep.  You probably want to keep the one with the most data entered, or most connections, or most recommendations that you can’t easily regain.
  • Log out of the profile you want to keep.
  • Log into the profile you want to delete.
    • Go to Contacts and click on “My Connections”.
    • Make a note of your connections so you can invite them on the profile you want to keep, or export your connections by clicking on the “Export Connections” at the bottom right side of the My Connections screen.  You will export them into a Microsoft Outlook file, or other file type you choose so you can send them an invitation to reconnect.  See the import step below to simplify the process.
    • Make a note of the recommendations you’ve received so you can ask for them to be resent.  It might be a good idea to cut and past them into an email to the person that sent them to make it easy for them to resend to your main profile.  You will have to connect with them first so they will send them to the proper profile.
    • Make a list of anything else you will want to recreate in your main profile.
    • When you are satisfied you’ve saved or noted everything you want to keep, while you are still in the account you want to Delete, click on “Settings” (top right, next to Help), Under Personal Information, click on “Close Your Account”.
    • Log out of the account you deleted.
    • Log in to the profile you are keeping to re-invite your connections from the account you deleted:
      • If you Exported your Connections from the closed account:
        • Under Contacts, click on “My Connections”.
        • Click on “Add Connections” at the top right.
        • Click on “Import your desktop email contacts” or enter the email addresses of people you want to reconnect with in the “Enter Email Addresses” box with a comma between each address.
        • Click Send Invitations, adding a note of explanation.
  • If you made a manual note of the connections, search for each person and invite them individually, adding a note of explanation.
  • Click on “Settings”.
    • Under Personal Information, click on “Email Addresses” and enter your remaining e-mail addresses, noting which on e is primary (see multiple email addresses instructions above).

 Regaining (or getting new) Recommendations:

  • If you had recommendations in your deleted profile from people you know well, after you reconnect with them on your main profile, send them a Recommendation Request and paste their old recommendation in so they won’t have to recreate it.
  • If you want to request new recommendations, the “nicest” way to ask is to send them a recommendation first.  When they accept the recommendation, LinkedIn sends them a note and asks “wouldn’t you like to return the favor and recommend them”?  A few might not send you one, but you will strengthen your relationships with everyone you send a recommendation to.
  • If you have someone specific that you want a recommendation from, send them a request and suggest what they might include in their recommendation of you.  The easier you make it, the better your chances of getting a recommendation and the better it will fit your needs.


A few reasons that you want to have Recommendations?

  • Recommendations give you credibility and trustworthiness.
  • Recommendations give others an idea of what you or your ministry will do for them.
  • Recommendations tell others what kind of person you are.
  • In the same way a personal testimony will lead others to Christ, a recommendation will help convince others you are the one they want to be connected to, come to for ministry, etc.


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