Want to make your Facebook page easier to find and more inviting to fans?

Facebook can be an effective tool for promoting ministries by following a few guidelines.


Make it Easy to find you

Whether you have a ministry facebook fan page or a personal page you want to make it easier to send friends to your facebook page.  After you have 25 or more fans, you can now choose your own facebook domain name.  Just like having your own custom LinkedIn domain name, you can use it in your e-mails, on business cards, websites, or anywhere you want fans and friends to find your facebook page.  Go to http://www.facebook.com/username to choose yours!

Be Consistent to build a following

I compare Facebook as “pulling” compared to LinkedIn groups as “pushing”.  In Facebook, you must “pull” your fans in so they will see what you’ve posted.  In LinkedIn groups, the members choose whether they want daily or weekly updates of the new posts, and LinkedIn “pushes” them out by e-mail to the members.  If you have a consistent Facebook schedule to post regular features, articles & lessons, your fans will look forward to them and your traffic will be higher on those days.  In anything, LinkedIn, Facebook, or even e-mail newsletters you must make sure the postings offer value, not just a ministry events schedule, but things that are interesting and helpful to your followers daily lives.

Do you want more Attention?

It’s difficult to get people to read anything.  The headline must be attention getting, and the first few sentences have to include something that will capture the readers interest and make them want to read the rest of the article.  Try asking a question that most people would want to know the answer to as the headline.  If you aren’t using video’s, try them.  They are easier than reading and more fun for followers.  If you want some tips, see my earlier blog post at http://bit.ly/bDSw1s .

Get more followers

The more fans a Facebook page has, the more it is likely to be seen.  Getting more fans requires being proactive.  First, invite all your friends and fans to join your page.  Second, go through your e-mail list and invite them to join.  Third, ask your friends and fans to invite their friends and fans.  Fourth, use all the social media tools to increase your following like Twitter, YouTube, EzineArticles, your blog, etc. to invite others to join your fan page.

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Bill Bender
Anothen Life Ministries


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Bill

    My name is Jo Barnes and after recently researching how to get a fan page built and promoted, I was bowled over by the extortionate prices people are charging. I presume due to the air of ‘mystery’ still hanging over fan pages.

    So over the last few weeks I have been using and testing facebook and fan pages to what works and what doesn’t and decided to record some FREE training videos on, Creating a Fan Page, Adding a List Building Landing Page including Video and Graphics, Promoting the Page and eventually Monetizing it. I also built a template to automate the creation of the landing page to get over the FBML coding complications for all us normal non-techie types!!

    I’m in the middle of this series, and have released Videos 1 & 2, Video 3 should be available by the end of this week.

    Anyway, if you’d like to have a look, it’s all Free, no sales pitches or catches – (I’m just trying to build a reputation), then please go over to my fan page and check them out.




    • Jo,
      Thanks for the link to your videos. I don’t use facebook much but do need to learn more about fan pages etc. I did create a facebook page for Linked4Ministry but it seems to be tied to my personal facebook page so I’m not sure that’s what I wanted. I signed up for your videos and I’ll check them out as I have time.
      My Linked4Ministry is totally free as it’s actually research for my Masters thesis that the Holy Spirit told me to share with other ministries. If your videos seem to fit what I think a ministry would use I’ll feature them in a future blog and add a link to them.
      Are you in LinkedIn? I found 55 Jo Barnes and wasn’t sure if any were yours.
      Blessings, Bill


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