Don’t Lose Your Important Social Media Work!

Social Media Maintenance

Social Media like facebook and LinkedIn are on secure servers, and some even have several backups, but “stuff” can still happen.  It takes hours, if not weeks & months, to get your LinkedIn profile, your facebook page, and even your website just the way you want it.  I just read a story today about how a malicious hacker changed an entire website with their own propaganda.  Perhaps you will never be hacked, but you might want to change your website host, or have your contact lists and references for use in another application.

Here are a couple of simple guidelines that will save your data if you ever need to recover losses or duplicate information:


Protect Your Contact Lists – Regularly export your e-mail address books, facebook friends, and LinkedIn Contacts to a CSV file.

Use the previous two Linked4Ministry posts (invite facebook friends as LinkedIn connections) and (How to add facebook friends to GMail addresses) for methods to export facebook, Gmail, & Yahoo! Mail files.

For LinkedIn, under Contacts, “My Connections” at the bottom right, click on “Export connections”, select Microsoft Outlook (.CSV file) or another selection, enter the security text, and Click Export.  The instructions for importing the file are on the same LinkedIn page.


Protect your Profiles & Web Pages – Regularly export your Profiles, facebook pages, website pages, etc. as a .pdf file.  This captures all the text you’ve taken so much time to get right, and saves the valuable LinkedIn recommendations.  The easy way to capture a webpage is to go to and enter the address of the page you want to capture.  Remember to save all your website pages.  If you want to capture the full LinkedIn profile with recommendations I like a program called PDF995.  You can download the basic PDF995 program for free, or pay $30 for the complete program.

The basic PDF995 program saves anything you can print as a pdf file.  To save a file in pdf format, print it as you normally would, but select the “PDF995” printer.  You can save the file anywhere you would like and name it as you choose.

PDF files are easy for anyone to read, they keep the formatting they way you intended no matter what type computer they are viewed on, and tougher for others to modify.


Protect Your Network – No matter who you are connected to, you should treat your contacts as a valuable resource.  Nurture the relationships as you would with a close friend.  Communicate Often, i.e., when you see something change in their profile congratulate them or let them know you saw the change, send links you think they would enjoy, send anniversary and birthday wishes, etc.


CSV – Comma Separated Values
PDF – Portable Document Format

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Bill Bender
Anothen Life Ministries


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