Top 5 Points from “How to Avoid the Great Social Media Crash of 2011”

The bottom line is Social Media is here to stay.  It will surely undergo many changes as technology and users change, and our challenge is to keep up with what’s available, and understand how to utilize the tools made available to us so we can “extend our reach into the kingdom”!

Here are 2 excerpts from a blog (link below) that I found interesting and valuable to us all:

1.  A realistic Social Media “time vs productivity” chart.  This chart shows how our initial excitement can lead us to unrealistic expectations, not only in social media but many things in life.  It also warns us not to get discouraged, that productivity will increase as we learn how to better utilize them:










2.  Analogies for the Big Five Social Media platforms:
Facebook = Social Event (casual)
LinkedIn = Trade Show (formal)
Twitter = Cocktail Party (energetic; many conversations)
YouTube = Times Square on New Years Eve
MySpace = Woodstock

Here’s the link to read the entire blog: 

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Bill Bender
Anothen Life Ministries


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Jim Bogden on November 11, 2010 at 10:30 pm

    Hi Bill! Terrific posting providing good basic gouge about social media. I think the chart is also reflective of individual realizations about social media. It is certainly reflective of my own experience. It took me about 6 mos to hit the plateau of productivity as my connections are now coming full circle. Great to see you posting!


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