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Video now on LinkedIn

Some things are easier, better, or more clearly shared by video.  Until now a YouTube video link took the viewer outside LinkedIn to view it.  LinkedIn just announced that starting today, YouTube video posts shared through LinkedIn are playable directly from within the homepage and member feeds.

What does this mean for Linked4Ministry partners?  Since its brand new, I’m not sure anyone knows the full scope of this but initially, I think it means your YouTube links are more likely to be clicked on, meaning more folks are more likely to watch them.  Of course the more likely they are to be viewed, the more likely your message will get to more folks, and even those that might not otherwise be interested. It also means your connections can click on ‘like’ or ‘comment’, making your video accessible to all their connections.  To take full advantage of that opportunity, be sure to invite/ask them to click on ‘like’ or ‘comment’ if they appreciated the video.

If you haven’t explored video as a ministry tool, you can read past Linked4Ministry posts at the following links: – How to use Video to Extend Your Reach into the Kingdom! – Are You Ready to use Video to Extend Your Reach into the Kingdom?

My friend, Dr. Grant Mullen uses a video address each week to illustrate his lessons and ministry. Check out his latest very entertaining and insightful Christmas video message at: .

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Bill Bender
Anothen Life Ministries

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