What LinkedIn Apps Should You Use?

There’s an APP for That! 

(well, almost).

LinkedIn has quite a few apps that can make your LinkedIn profile look more professional, give your connections and viewers additional information about you, showcase your work, promote your services, products, and events, and help establish your expertise and credibility.

LinkedIn Apps as of February 22, 2011: (found by hovering your mouse over the “More” in the top tool bar, and clicking on “Get More Applications”)

  • Reading List by Amazon – You can share the books you are reading and what you think about them with others, as well as see what others are reading and sharing.  This can give others another view of who you are and what you believe so be cautious about comments and listings.
  • SlideShare Presentations – You can share your presentations and videos, as well as see what your connections have created.  You can set a video to ‘auto-play’ when someone views your profile so they hear your voice and can see your video introduction.  This isn’t used much and can set you apart from others if done well.
  • Google Presentation – This is a second way to add .PPT files to your profile or use Google’s online application to embed a presentation on your profile.
  • WordPress – You can connect you WordPress blog to sync with your LinkedIn profile so your recent blogs are displayed on your profile and are quickly available to viewers.  This is a great way to advertise your business, ministries, and blogs.
  • Blog Link – This is a second way of connecting your blog to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Box.net Files – You can add word processing, spreadsheets, and pdf documents to box.net and make them available on your LinkedIn profile for others to view, share, and collaborate on.  This is a great way to post your resume (in pdf format) to your profile.
  • Huddle Workspaces – This is second way to list documents and projects that your connections can share and collaborate on.  Huddle says their workspace is private and secure.
  • Events – You can list your events and conferences, find events, and find out what events your connections are attending.  Listing an event allows other attendees to show their attendance and help promote events.  This also allows you to see who and how many have RSVP’ed for your event.  You can see their name, photo, and how you are connected.
  • Tweets – You can share and view tweets directly from LinkedIn.  Caution, LinkedIn’s “professional” persona isn’t always the place to flood your connections with your every thought, but sharing comments, articles, and events that many people would be interested in can be a great tool for staying connected with your network.
  • Polls – You can compose your own polls to collect actionable data from your connections and the professional audience on LinkedIn.  LinkedIn gives you additional statistics on the responders that can help you better understand the responses.
  • SAP Community Bio – You can display your certified SAP expertise and add your SAP contributions and credentials to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Company Buzz – This allows you to see what others are saying about your company on twitter.
  • Portfolio Display – You can showcase your creative work on your LinkedIn profile with this application that supports unlimited multimedia content.
  • E-Bookshelf – You can read the insights and concise business and career lessons from the top experts.
  • Projects and Teamspaces – This allows you to share and track unlimited tasks, projects, documents, and Google Apps with your LinkedIn connections.
  • Legal Updates – This gives you legal news that matters to your business.  Lawyers can upload articles and other content to make them easier to find.
  • Lawyer Ratings – Professionals can showcase their Martindale-Hubbell® Peer Review RatingsTM and Client Review RatingsTM to further validate your stated credentials on LinkedIn.
  • Real Estate Pro – You can access your local real estate and office space market, follow active brokers, agents, and professionals, as well as track new property listings and available spaces.


More Great LinkedIn Tools (New Sections)

LinkedIn has several ‘default’ sections that are obvious like Experience, Education, Summary, Websites, etc., but they have just added a couple more that you might have missed.  Just after your basic info block, and just before your Summary, you will see a new line that says “NEW Add Sections to reflect achievements and experiences on your profile.  + Add Sections”


By clicking on the blue “+ Add Sections”, you will be given an option to add the following:

  • Languages – You can highlight your language fluency to others.
  • Patents – You can list patents that you have received to show others your area of expertise and innovations.
  • Skills – You can highlight specific skills that have are not included in your experiences (jobs).
  • Certifications – You can list certifications that you have received.
  • Publications – You can list publications that you have written, with explanations to describe them to others.  You can include an unlimited number of publications on your LinkedIn profile, in lieu of the two that the Reading List by Amazon allows to be visible on your profile.  I’d include all publications and highlight the latest and most important in the Amazon app.

Taking advantage of these LinkedIn Apps allows you to more completely represent who you are, what you have done, what you do, and what you can do for those that contact you.  By including as many Apps as are appropriate, your profile will stand out from the others, giving you better exposure and gaining you better connections.  As you add connections and your profile grows, you will find that others will “want” to be connected to you and will send you invitations.

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Bill Bender
Anothen Life Ministries


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