Easier LinkedIn Settings!?!?

Well, I’m not sure they are easier, but the layout is new.  If you want to add a new email address, change your password, change what someone sees when you look at their profile, or even close a duplicate LinkedIn profile, you’ll need to go to Settings.  Settings are now slightly hidden in a drop down box under your name in the top right side of your LinkedIn page.  Hopefully, you’ve seen Settings, otherwise you haven’t signed out for several months. 

At any rate, clicking on Settings will take you to this screen:


We now have Quick Access to changes to our email addresses and password just below the photo.

The 4 tabs at the bottom left give you choices of what you want to view or change, and the choices are listed to the right, organized under several subheadings:

  • Profile
  • Email Preferences
  • Groups, Companies & Applications
  • Account


Don’t miss the “frequently asked questions” section at the top right.  I’m sure this is based on how many questions LinkedIn receives on a given topic, but I question telling someone how to find settings when they are already on the page!?!?  Clicking on “see all frequently asked questions” takes you to a page with 10 questions (and answers) listed on 30 screens, that’s 300 questions and answers!

LinkedIn obviously believes this new settings page is an improvement.  You can tell that by their feedback request at the lower right.  In general, I try to stay flexible and just figure out the new screens and choices.  That cause me less stress, . . . and gives me an excuse to send you an update so you won’t have to do the research!

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Bill Bender
Linked4Ministry & Anothen Life Ministries


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