Do you have audio or video files that are too large to share by email?

P L E A S E    S E E    T H E    U P D A T E    B E L O W !

In our ministry, we frequently have large audio or video files that we want to share with ministry receivers, but we are unable to email them due to their large size.  It can also be difficult, slow, and costly to mail large documents, CDs, & DVDs to other countries, and almost impossible to those that restrict Christian content.

I just found a quick, easy, and free solution called ZSHARE.

You can upload almost any non-copyrighted type file, up to 500 MB for non-members, 1 GB for registered (free) members, and 2 GB for the premium ($5/month-$30/year) members.

Once you upload your files, you can send them to any email address for listening or downloading, or share them on LinkedIn, facebook, twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, and 341 other social media sites.

You can find ZSHARE at:

An Update to the above post . . . . . .

OH NO!  After trying it on my computer and it worked flawlessly, ZSHARE has caused some undesired results in actual use.  One computer had to download problematic software to listen to it, I received inappropriate web content on my smart phone, and a ministry receiver in Europe received a notice that the link had a virus.

I’ll keep looking for other options (and testing them thoroughly). I’d take the blog down, but I would rather warn those that might have read it and in the process of trying it, as well as ask for input.  In the mean time, please be cautious if you use ZSHARE, and let me know if you encounter undesirable or inappropriate results. !



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