LinkedIn Tips for Using Groups to Increase your Exposure

Your success in LinkedIn is determined by the number of connections you have, who the connections are, and the value you bring those connections.

Your LinkedIn Goals

As with anything, you need to determine what your LinkedIn goal is, in other words, what do you want LinkedIn to do for you, or help you with.

Here are some examples:

    • Connecting with others that have common visions, goals, or the same ministry.
    • Connecting with others that have a common ministry focus that have experience that you can learn from, partner with, or those that you can help mentor and develop.
    • Increasing your exposure to potential clients, ministry receivers, and those that might be interested in your products and services.

Increasing your Visibility, Credibility, and Trust

One of the best ways to increase your visibility, credibility, and trust is by joining LinkedIn Groups.  Begin by finding groups that will help you achieve your goal(s).  You can search for groups in the top search box by selecting “groups” from the drop down box, typing “key words” in the search box, and clicking on the magnifying glass logo to the right.  Note, if you get results that are not what you expected, be sure you have selected ‘groups’ in the drop down box.

Here are some tips for deciding what LinkedIn Groups to join:

    • Join groups that would attract your prospects or target contacts.
    • Look at the groups your target contacts are members of, and join the ones that would benefit you, or you have an interest in.
    • Ask your connections what groups they would recommend.
    • If there are many groups to choose from, start with the ones with the most members.
    • Read the group profile to see what the purpose and vision is, verifying this is the type of group you want to be associated with.
    • Look at the LinkedIn profile for the group owner and manager, checking to see if their focus, morals, and values agree or conflict with yours.
    • Don’t join groups that have conflicting values that could damage your image or detract from your desired brand and LinkedIn goals.

Group Discussion Tips

  • Don’t spam groups with offers or sales messages
  • Post new discussions in your groups that add value to the group’s members
  • When you post comments, you can protect your credibility by reviewing the original discussion and all the comments before you post.  Make sure your comments are based on what the original question/discussion topic was, and does not repeat what has already been posted. 
  • If your comments add value to the discussion, your credibility and trust will be established in the group, and your profile will be viewed by those wanting to learn more about you.

Here are some tips to follow when you start a discussion:

      1. Add a “link” that adds value or additional information.
      2. “Like” your own post.  Clicking on “like” raises the visibility of your post.
      3. Add a “Comment”.  After posting your discussion, add a “comment” to your post that adds additional information.  Adding additional comments also raises the visibility of your post to the group members.

      Using group discussions properly will help you gain credibility, trust, and valuable new connections to other group members that you might otherwise have no access to.  LinkedIn groups are a very valuable feature that is severely underutilized by many; taking advantage of the groups sets you apart from many.


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