Are You Using Your LinkedIn Status to Engage Your Connections?

Did you know LinkedIn currently has two (2) Status Updates available to many people?  One is your “Personal Status” and it’s on your Personal LinkedIn Profile, the second is a “Company Status” for those who have their own company or ministry.  The LinkedIn Status is one of several ways LinkedIn participants can engage their connections and followers.  You could have several purposes for engaging your connections including things like:

1-    Keeping your name in front of your connections

2-    Letting your connections know what you are doing

3-    Adding value to your network by sharing things they may be interested in

4-    Announcing events and new products and services you offer


LinkedIn “Personal” Status updates

If you’ve updated your LinkedIn personal profile “Status” recently, it will show up in several places.

When others view your profile, it will be just under your photo/Headline/Location block.









When you view your Network Updates under “LinkedIn Home”, it will show up as your current update just under the block where you can enter/share a new update, and under the “All Updates” section below.

When your connections view their Network Updates, it will be listed in their “All Updates” section, along with their other connection’s status updates.











LinkedIn “Company / Ministry” Status Updates

LinkedIn has recently added Status Updates for Companies (and ministries).  This is a great way to keep your companies followers in touch with what you are doing.  Some ideal purposes might include:

1-    Share company announcements

2-    Advertise new products and services

3-    Announce promotions

4-    Share company news

5-    Announce new employees and their function

6-    Engage directly with your companies followers and possibly their entire network (truly expanding your reach into the kingdom)

Those who follow your company will receive your Company Status Updates directly, as well as showing up in your own status updates

First you will need to set up a Company/Ministry profile.  Begin by letting your mouse hover over “Companies” in the LinkedIn menu bar, and click on “Search Companies”.  Click on “Add a Company” at the top right of that screen and follow the instructions.

Company Status Updates can only be made by company “Administrators” when the Company Page is set to “Designated Admins Only”.  If you are not an “Administrator”, please request access from the relevant person at your company.

Tips to Get You Started

Begin by reading what kinds of things your connections post in their Status Updates by letting your mouse hover over “Home” in the LinkedIn menu bar, and clicking on “LinkedIn Home.  Scroll through your “All Updates” just below the LinkedIn Today news.

For your Personal Status, if you’ve updated it recently, the input box will be at the top of your LinkedIn Home page, or just below your photo on your profile edit page.  Begin by clicking on “Post an Update”.  If you haven’t used it recently (or ever), let your mouse hover over “Profile” in the LinkedIn tool bar, then click on “Edit Profile”.

Your personal and company status updates all begin with your name.  Notice mine in the illustration above begins with “Bill Bender . . . “.  So when you type your update, word it so it will sound right if it begins with your name.

Type your update in the box provided.  It’s always best to spell check anything you are not sure of before you click submit.

If you want to add a link, type or cut and paste it in the space indicated.

You can automatically post an update in your Twitter account by clicking the square beside the blue Twitter bird.  Remember only the first 140 characters of your LinkedIn post will appear in Twitter.

What Else Appears in Status Updates?

Besides the things you type in the update box, other things will show up in your connections “All Updates” on their LinkedIn Home page.  These can include your new connections, when you comment or like someone’s posting, when you post a discussion in a LinkedIn group, articles and links you share, and updates to your profile including employment changes, expertise and skills updates, new groups you join, etc.

What you post depends on what your LinkedIn goals are, but everything you post should properly represent the brand you are trying to build, and add to the trust and credibility you want to have.

How Often to Change Your Status Update

For most goals, depending on what you are doing you will probably want to update your status, and perhaps your company’s status, one or two times a week at a minimum.  As long as the information you share adds value, or is of significant interest, even once a day might be appropriate.  Updating it several times a day every day is usually risky as you will overload your connections with more information than they will want to read and/or scroll through to see their other connection’s updates.  LinkedIn’s status updates are not like Twitter where you might share many things you are doing as you are doing them.  People ‘expect’ Twitter and facebook to have lots of personal info but most users expect LinkedIn to be reserved for ‘professional’ things.

If you haven’t used your Status Update, it’s time to get started.  Done properly, your status updates will engage your connections and followers and you might be pleasantly surprised how many will respond!

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Bill Bender
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