How Ministry Can Benefit?

There are many ways ministries can benefit by using LinkedIn and other social media. 

The first is free advertising, or getting known.  The internet is becoming the first place people go for information and if you don’t have a presence, you won’t be found.

Active use of LinkedIn and social media allow you to control what is seen about you or your ministry, and to some extent, who will see it.

LinkedIn Groups are the single biggest tool for extending your reach into the kingdom, getting known by those you want to know you, connecting with like minded and like focused people and ministries, connecting to experts in almost any field that are willing to share their expertise and help you grow, extablishing trust and expertise in your field, connecting with your own focus groups and congregation groups to spread information, share discussions, and keep others involved.

The list goes on and on, The following links will lead you to past posts that focus on the “How” social media can benefit you and your ministry.

12 Unique Benefits for Minstries –

Why Churches & Ministries should use LinkedIn –

What will LinkedIn and Social Media do for Ministries –

Promoting Books & other merchandise –

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